Install New Magento 2 Theme in 5 Minutes 0

Download and Upload your preferred the Theme

Once you have downloaded the Magento 2 theme of your choice( purchased or free), you will receive a zipped version. Unzip it and upload the files to the public root directory of your Magento 2 store.

Note: You can use FileZilla for it too. Continue Reading

Running php 5 and php 7 on same environment (Ubuntu) 0

Why we need php 5 and php 7 on same PC?

Recent releases of Magento 2 mentioned that they have officially started to support php 7 and they are heading more towards it. Many of us including myself working on several projects which includes Magento v1 and v2. So time to time we are required to switch between projects. The question arises when we try to switch from Magento 1 project to Magento 2. Some functions of the Magento 1 doesn’t work properly or gives errors when running on php 7. So it’ll be convenient to run Magento 1 with php 5. Magento 2 could run on php 5.6 however if we are able to run it on php 7, Then that would be great. This solution comes in handy when addressing both these problems.

There are some issues when using this via CLI and that is also addressed in one of the below sections. Continue Reading

Mass Product Attribute Upload in Magento and Magento 2 0

Mass Product Attribute Upload in Magento

According to latest practice in magento site most developers use product collection to update the product attribute. But unfortunately it has bad effect to side such as,

  1. Product collection script update get slow.
  2. If we use select option to update product collection, when it save it back url key can be empty.

To overcome magento already have function call mass product attribute to update the product. Continue Reading