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Create a Shipping Method Module

This tutorial is similar to Creation of Payment Method module and differs the most in adapter model.

Each shipping method can be done as a separate module or few methods can be combined in the same module if they share functionality or could be used together.

Our new module will be called NewModule.

Replace all instances of ‘NewModule’ with the name of your module and ‘newmodule’ with simplified code, that contains only alphanumeric characters and underscore.

Replace all instances of ‘YourCompany’ with your company name or whatever name you choose.

To make this tutorial most concise, it’s implied that mentioned folders will be created when needed. (more…)

What is an SEO-friendly website?

The modern search engine rules the web. And we all know that ranking well can have a serious impact on our bottom line, so it’s no surprise that we’re all competing to climb in the search results and working effortlessly to keep the competition from forging ahead of us. But all too often I see an over-investment in website content, whether it’s blogs, white papers, ebooks, or videos. It’s a game that everyone plays. And at this stage I think most marketers understand it pretty well. Find a topic that people are searching for and produce content that’s better or has a fresher perspective. (more…)

What is Management?

At the heart of any successful organization, you’ll find good managers who are making important decisions every day. Managers make sure that projects are completed, that work is of the highest possible quality, that employees are motivated and engaged, and that policies and procedures are followed. In fact, managers do so many things that management is more a series of key skill sets rather than one specific role. Good management is the use of key skills and practices correctly applied at the right time to help the organization reach its highest potential.


NGINX on windows

Recently I tried to install NGINX web server in Windows environment. For the perosn’s who don’t know, NGINX is a web server like Apache, but it’s lightweight and fast. In the production servers, we mostly use NGINX web server sinc,e it has really good load balancing capabilities. To read more about NGINX visit official site


Gulp for Magento 2

As a Magento 2 frontend developer, you might have noticed that less to CSS compilation process is too slow with the grunt and it takes more time to rebuild everything making you an inefficient developer.

However, you could solve this problem with Gulp. Gulp is a task / build runner which uses Node.js for web development. The main difference between Gulp and Grunt lies in how they deal with their automation tasks inside.

Gulp uses Node Stream while Grunt uses temp files. Therefore, Gulp compilation is faster compared to Grunt. (more…)