NGINX on windows 0

Recently I tried to install NGINX web server in Windows environment. For the perosn’s who don’t know, NGINX is a web server like Apache, but it’s lightweight and fast. In the production servers, we mostly use NGINX web server sinc,e it has really good load balancing capabilities. To read more about NGINX visit official site

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Gulp for Magento 2 0

As a Magento 2 frontend developer, you might have noticed that less to CSS compilation process is too slow with the grunt and it takes more time to rebuild everything making you an inefficient developer.

However, you could solve this problem with Gulp. Gulp is a task / build runner which uses Node.js for web development. The main difference between Gulp and Grunt lies in how they deal with their automation tasks inside.

Gulp uses Node Stream while Grunt uses temp files. Therefore, Gulp compilation is faster compared to Grunt. Continue Reading

Remove node_module Folder 0

Due to its folder nesting, Windows can’t delete the folder as its name is too long. To solve this, install RimRaf:

npm install rimraf -g

Go to your project folder and delete the node_modules folder easily with:

rimraf node_modules

Add custom maintenance page in Magento 2 0

Creating a custom page is optional but recommended because the site is accessible during part of the upgrade. This will prevent users from any access to the site and also informs that the site is undergoing maintenance
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Install New Magento 2 Theme in 5 Minutes 0

Download and Upload your preferred the Theme

Once you have downloaded the Magento 2 theme of your choice( purchased or free), you will receive a zipped version. Unzip it and upload the files to the public root directory of your Magento 2 store.

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