Magento 2 changing increment ids 0

Magento to increment id update

Update sales_sequence_profile table suffix/prefix columns with preferred values. Cross check meta ids with sales_sequence_meta to find the corresponding entity type.

Install and Upgrade Scripts in Magento 1.x Vs. 2.x 0

When we start writing Magento modules (in both versions 1.x or 2.x) sooner or later, we will need to change database schema and/or data. Magento provides a way to do this by using Install and Upgrade scripts. Using these scripts, we can

  1. Install or Upgrade the Database Schema
  2. Install or Upgrade data

In a self sustainable way while keep tracking of the changes done to the system.
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File Resolving in Magento 2 (Static, Template, Script, …) : Clues for Debugging 0

When Magento 2 wants to find a view file from the filesystem, it uses a fallback mechanism with a file resolving method. Unlike when a Class file is missing (where it gives an error) sometimes Magento 2 doesn’t provide an error message or so (even if error display is enforced).

I came up with a typo in the filename, which I didn’t notice, I got empty content area on frontend. No error messages. After a few debug sessions, found some clues on few interesting places to look on such a scenario.
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How to Write a Visible Analysis Report 0

Change Report Just how to Overcome Procrastination Self-Talk We speak to ourselves on a regular basis in our thoughts. Even when we’re not focusing, these dialogues that are psychological that are relentless sincerely affect our thoughts and, eventually, our habits and actions. What’s promising is the fact that if you switch them into successful promises, spot the habits, and can discover these emotional dialogues, you then are strengthened to conquer behaviors and many unwelcome thoughts. Lets see in regards to delay, how this can help people. Continue Reading

Installing and configuring Magento 2 on Window 7 0

Installing Magento 2 on Windows need some extra work since windows have some issues. Below video describes the step by step guide how to install Magento 2 on windows, what are the issues and how to fix those issues.
Install Magento 2
Creating new theme
Installing and configuring Grunt
Updating css